Efficient field service management through photo documentation with mobile app

Increase your operational efficiency

With Handyman Mobile and the integrated photo documentation function, you can achieve service excellence and optimise the work processes of your service technicians. Improved performance, increased productivity and a seamless workflow are crucial for any organisation. With our mobile data capture solution and the photo documentation feature in Handyman, we offer you a powerful standad software to achieve just that. By combining innovative technologies, we not only enable you to capture crucial data in real time, but also to accurately document your service work through photo documentation. This not only enables a more efficient way of working, but also improved communication between your team on site and the administration. Discover how you can optimise your operations with our all-in software Handyman to achieve service excellence that exceeds your expectations.


By using this function, technicians can capture precise images of service units and work carried out in order to record the condition in detail in the system. This not only makes it easy to archive the information, but also to create customised quotations based on the recorded data.


Save time with Handyman and the integrated photo documentation function

The seamless integration of photo documentation into Handyman’s craftsman workflow system helps to increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. This feature promotes transparency and quality control, facilitates communication between team members and customers, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. Overall, the combination of Handyman and photo documentation plays a key role in improving service work and contributes to a smooth, efficient service operation.

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