Field Service Management Software - Mobile and in the office

Handyman: The proven customer service management software for maintenance planning, mobile data collection and servicing


Handyman is a standard software for optimizing field service processes. The application can only be used as a purely mobile solution for mobile data collection - for example, for mobile time recording. Handyman is also a comprehensive field service management software. Many customer service and maintenance companies use Handyman in areas such as order management, maintenance planning and resource planning. The customer service software enables a paperless, electronic service process and information exchange between the service staff in the field and the dispatchers and clerks in the office. The standard functionality is characterized in particular by the fact that adaptations to customer-specific requirements are made by configuring the software and not by costly and time-consuming development projects. This allows for a very simple and fast implementation.


To use the Handyman field service management software, you do not need to run your own servers. If you choose the Handyman Cloud variant, the GSSGroup will do it for you. You only need Windows PCs for your dispatchers and mobile devices for your service technicians (Android, iOS, Windows). GSGroup delivers Handyman as Software as a Service (SaaS) from the cloud. Your advantage: You always have the latest version of Handyman, and do not have to worry about the operation of the IT infrastructure. The professional hosting team of GSGroup guarantees a high availability of the field service software Handyman with maximum security. Of course, we only host Handyman for you on servers of well-known partners in Europe. Would you still prefer to operate your Handyman system in your own infrastructure? No problem, Handyman is available both on-premise and in the cloud.

Handyman in a Nutshell:
Quick. Smart. Easy.


Handyman Mobile


  • Mobile Time & Attendance
  • Recording of material consumption, optionally with mobile warehouse management
  • Mobile photo documentation
  • Customer-specific checklists and forms
  • Mobile software for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows
  • 100% off-line capability thanks to sophisticated synchronizatio
  • Easy and intuitive to use

Handyman Office

Order management &
Service management

  • Installed Base / Device Management Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Creation and management of orders
  • Preparation of quotations and invoices
  • Reports and evaluations


Overview of the most important functions


Mobile app for technicians

Time tracking

Material & Warehouse

Photo documentation


Service Management



Order Management


Resource planning

Routes Optimization

Reports & Evaluations

ERP Integration

Other functions

Integration with your erp

Are you already working with an ERP system, a merchandise management program or other systems such as a CRM system or accounting software? Connect your existing systems to Handyman via an interface. This makes your service processes even more consistent, efficient and fully digital.
Other Erp?

Handyman has standard interface to many other ERP systems and merchandise management systems

Advantages for your band

Field Service Management Software WITH A WIDE RANGE OF FUNCTIONS

Mobile workforce management

Handyman helps customer service and maintenance organizations efficiently manage technicians in the field. As a comprehensive workforce management software, Handyman not only takes over functions such as resource planning through an intuitive planning board. Rather, Handyman helps to make technician scheduling faster, more efficient and more customer-friendly. This is achieved in particular by taking into account the qualifications and availability of individual employees. Map view and route planning make it possible to optimize travel times to service calls. Handyman supports your mobile business in the best possible way. However, resource planning software remains piecemeal without the direct mobile connection of the mobile fitters. Only integration with mobile solutions such as Handyman Mobile enables integrated mobile workforce management: short-term changes in planning can be transmitted directly to the technician, delays in a service call can be detected directly in the office and can be taken into account in resource planning.

Maintenance Planner / Maintenance Software

With the optional Service & Maintenance Management module, Handyman offers a comprehensive function for planning maintenance and servicing orders. Maintenance plans can be defined here for each equipment/system. Individual maintenance activities can be defined in the maintenance plan. As a result, even complex maintenance protocols or maintenance instructions can be easily mapped. Integrated into the maintenance program is a simple preliminary calculation and a contract module. However, Handyman is not just a maintenance software or maintenance software for use in the office: the orders generated in the office are processed in the mobile application Handyman Mobile by the mobile customer service. The solution for mobile maintenance allows mobile data collection directly for the maintenance activities defined in the maintenance plan: The technician fills out the maintenance logs in the app on the go - including measured values, meter readings, photos and comments. The mobile maintenance app works seamlessly with the maintenance software in the office. The mobile data is available directly in the office for evaluations. Handyman thus offers comprehensive support for all processes in field service management and maintenance management.

mobile DATA Collection APP

Handyman Mobile is the customer service app for service technicians. As part of a mobile business strategy, it replaces the order slip or the service report printed on paper by the customer service technician with a paperless digital service report – including the customer’s electronic signature. The Handyman mobile software is suitable for various mobile data collection devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks or industrial devices. The mobile application enables the collection of all data required for documentation, calculation and billing: from mobile photo documentation to mobile time recording and mobile processing of checklists to mobile order entry, material consumption recording and mobile warehouse management. Through years of optimization, the interface of the Handyman field service app is intuitive and easy to use, despite the wide range of functions. For more details on our mobile solution for mobile data collection for service and maintenance, please visit the Handyman Mobile field service app.


Handyman Mobile offers a variety of features for mobile time tracking. Depending on the requirements, the configuration of the mobile application can be set in such a way that very different models of working time recording are possible: A simple time clock for posting comings and goings, pure production data entry, complete working time recording for payroll accounting, order data entry for invoicing working hours to the customer, project time recording or any combination of these models. Depending on the license and configuration, time tracking with the Handyman mobile software can record various details in a booking, such as:
  • Employee ID
  • Wage type / time type / wage article
  • Quantity / number of hours
  • Start Time / Start
  • End Time
  • Commentary as free text
  • Other dimensions such as cost center, cost unit, project
  • Billing rate
  • Geo-coordinates / GPS information
  • Kilometers / distance when booking the travel time
Through simple configuration, it is possible to specify which fields must be filled in as mandatory fields in the field service app. Fields that are not needed can simply be faded. The optional TMS module makes it easy to book driving time, working time and break time by simply pressing buttons on the stopwatch of the time recording app. All bookings are framed by the bookings for the start of the day / arrival and end of the day / departure. Depending on the assignment of rights, time recording for other employees is just as possible as efficient column booking for the simultaneous recording of the working hours of an entire group or column. Of course, the user has the option of retrieving a report on the hours already recorded on his mobile device at any time, via the mobile timesheet of the app. The app for recording working hours also enables the customer to sign the timesheet – for example as a weekly report on the construction site or as a time sheet in consulting. The module for approval and export of recorded times can be used to add, validate and correct the times recorded on the go. Subsequently, the time recording can be exported to the payroll program. Users who only want to use the mobile time tracking of the app do not have to purchase the other modules of Handyman. However, the mobile application can be extended at any time by licensing additional modules to include additional functions of mobile data collection such as mobile order processing, checklists / maintenance protocols, recording of material consumption or mobile warehouse management.


As customer service software or maintenance software, Handyman is often used together with an ERP system. Open interfaces make integration easy. Handyman can thus make a valuable contribution to a mobile CRM / mobile ERP strategy. For example, Handyman adds mobile data collection to Lexware. The Handyman Mobile app is particularly comprehensively integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV / Navision system. There are also interfaces to SAP to process mobile service orders with Handyman. Various customers also use Handyman with an interface as field service management software and field service software for Selectline, Winline or orgaMAX/Wisio my office.