Handyman Mobile

User-friendly Field Service App for Mobile Data Collection & Digital Service Reports

Service technician app for
Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Handyman Mobile was developed for mobile service technicians and customer service fitters. The app is kept simple so that anyone can use it. At the same time, however, the field service app is extremely powerful and has a uniquely large range of functions. The highlight: Through simple configuration, the mobile app can be set so that your technicians only see the functions they really need.

The mobile solution is part of the Handyman field service management software: Handyman Office is responsible for order management. The dispatchers plan the orders in resource planning with route optimization. And, of course, the field service process is directly connected to your ERP via interfaces.

So easy to use and yet so many functions

  • Mobile time recording
  • Create and comment photos
  • Recording of the material consumption
  • Customized checklists
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset management (service objects)
  • Digital service report with electronic signature
  • 100% offline capability with synchronization

Field Service App available for Android, IOS & Windows

Handyman Mobile can be easily installed on the technician’s mobile device via the respective store. Whether you prefer devices running Android, iOS or Windows, Handyman is available on all platforms.

Whether you use smartphones, tablets or laptops, the advantages of Handyman Mobile are obvious:

  • Intuitive operability
  • Very large range of functions
  • Individually customizable through configuration
  • 100% offline capable
  • Continuous development for over 20 years

Your benefit from using the Handyman mobile solution

  • Increased productivity
  • Less administration
  • Better service quality
  • Fast invoicing
  • Shorter response times
  • Better documentation
  • Process automation

The service app for your mobile customer service

Handyman Mobile incorporates the experience of over 20  years of software development. We are constantly driven by the need to make mobile software easy to use for service technicians – and yet offer all the features required by a modern, integrated, automated field service process. GSGroup spares no effort and always uses the best available technology: The field service software Handyman Mobile has been completely redeveloped four times over the years to provide an optimal mobile solution in the rapidly changing world of mobile software for service technicians. Even complex processes such as mobile order entry, mobile warehouse management or ordering spare parts on the mobile device can be easily handled by service technicians with the mobile customer service app. The same applies to mobile photo documentation, mobile completion of individually created checklists and maintenance forms, or viewing the service history of a plant.

With its wide range of features, Handyman Mobile is one of the best mobile workforce management software. The options for mobile time recording by your customer service fitters / service technicians / service engineers are particularly extensive. Customers have very different requirements for mobile time recording: Some demand seamless time recording in order to record staff time to the minute. For other companies, it is more important to record times so that they can be invoiced without rework. There is also a frequent request to transfer driving times and kilometers driven directly from the GPS tracking of the service vehicle. While some companies let each customer service assembler record his or her own work time, for others, column posting is important, where a foreman records the times of all employees assigned to him or her. Handyman Mobile is equipped for all these varieties of mobile working time recording. Different scenarios for mobile working time recording can be activated in the service software. Despite all the differences between the various functions for time recording, one thing is always the same: intuitive operation by the mobile user in the Handyman Mobile service app.

In the area of logistics, the functionality of the field service app ranges from simple material booking to mobile inventory and ongoing management of the mobile vehicle warehouse to direct ordering of required parts in the mobile app. Of course, Handyman has extensive barcode, QR code and NFC tag scanning capabilities. Creating new service orders on the move is a complex process that requires attention to many details. The Handyman customer service software, which is very popular with users, makes the technician’s job easy and mobile order creation a breeze – even if serial numbers, customer contacts or SLAs have to be observed.

Handyman can also be used as a checklist app: Filling out checklists, maintenance logs or mobile forms is easy with the customer service app. The checklist editor in Handyman Office makes it easy to create individual checklists, protocols and forms yourself. Of course, Handyman mobile software creates a full digital service report for the customer – ready for the customer’s electronic signature directly on the smartphone/tablet/laptop.

The Handyman Mobile field service management app is available for Android, iOS and Windows. You can use smartphones, iPads, tablets, Surface devices or, industrial PDAs with Android or rugged laptops. Handyman mobile service software runs equally stable on all these devices – and always with the same intuitive look&feel.

Handyman Mobile is part of the customer service software / mobile workforce management software Handyman. It enables you to handle your service and customer service processes end-to-end, digitally.

Benefit from the experience of other service managers

Small, medium, large and very large field service organizations have been successfully using Handyman for years. We asked their service maangers and customer service managers about their experiences. Get to know Handyman from the user’s perspective!