technical service

Mobile data acquisition for technical customer service


Our customers use Handyman for a whole range of different technical support activities. The tasks range from the inspection of crane systems to the repair of printers and the maintenance of medical equipment.

As different as the tasks are, the challenges are usually similar:

  • Invoices cannot be issued in a timely manner because the feedback from the technician is something missing or incomplete on their time.
  • Additional services that are subject to a charge cannot be invoiced because they were not recorded separately (e.g. minor repairs carried out during maintenance).
  • Evaluations of the operations carried out are difficult because the feedback from the technician is not available in digital form or is incomplete.
  • There is a lack of complete service history for individual devices or customers.
  • While a good IT solution has been implemented for parts of the service, there is no comprehensive support for the entire process, from the machine file to deployment planning to the mobile connection of the service technicians.

Handyman has helped hundreds of service organizations address these and similar challenges quickly, efficiently, and with high quality.

Satisfied customers About Handyman

"Handyman is used to record all orders, and this makes it easier for us to decide which service technician is suitable for the job, what equipment is needed, etc. This provides the basis for both the execution of orders and simplified invoicing."

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