Construction and ancillary construction

Mobile data acquisition for construction and ancillary construction trades

Handyman - the mobile solution for all construction trades

Technicians, craftsmen and engineers in the construction and ancillary construction trades are constantly on site at construction sites or on the move from one job site to another.

The ancillary building trades include a wide range of trades from electrical installation to gas and water installation, building fitters, carpenters and painters.

Every day, technicians, project managers and engineers on site need information about construction sites, orders and materials. Handyman is a standard solution with a wide range of functions, thanks to numerous experiences from many practical projects, a mobile solution for order processing for all industries from the construction and ancillary construction trades.

Satisfied customers About Handyman

"Handyman is used to record all orders, and this makes it easier for us to decide which service technician is suitable for the job, what equipment is needed, etc. This provides the basis for both the execution of orders and simplified invoicing."

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