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mobile data acquisition for refrigeration and air conditioning technology

Handyman - the mobile solution for air conditioning and refrigeration technology

The service technicians or installers are permanently engaged in carrying out installation, repair and maintenance orders. At the same time, the installers must be available at all times for service orders that need to be carried out quickly and are often on call.

Fast and timely creation and routing of service orders is enabled by Handyman. In addition, your maintenance orders are managed so that you are automatically reminded of maintenance dates on time. Handyman supports you with appropriate checklists (commissioning and maintenance protocols) for the documentation of all order activities.

Several hundred companies in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry work with Handyman – from HVAC contractors and component manufacturers to wholesalers and international service companies. And for good reason: Handyman has many industry-specific features and greatly simplifies the processing of work orders.

our industry experience

Our mobile field service management software Handyman is successfully used by many companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Our customers particularly appreciate the user-friendly interface and reliable operation of our software. They save time and increase the efficiency of their work processes. Let us show you, too, how you can benefit from Handyman’s advantages. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business, too. 

Satisfied customers About Handyman

"Handyman is used to record all orders, and this makes it easier for us to decide which service technician is suitable for the job, what equipment is needed, etc. This provides the basis for both the execution of orders and simplified invoicing."

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