Handyman Field Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Handyman provides an extension to couple Dynamics 365 Business Central with Handyman Field Service Management without any programming effort

The mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The extension acts as an adapter for easy integration of the Handyman field service solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – without programming effort.

With the Business Central Extension all required master data (e.g. customers, service items, material etc.) are exported from MS 365 BC to Handyman. In addition, work orders with the required details (e.g. job description, contacts, address of the job site, service items, etc.) are exchanged between the systems. This means that the technician’s time recording is written directly back to the order, as is his material consumption. There is no need to type out work tickets. All data is immediately available for invoicing, cost accounting and payroll accounting.

Handyman can be used with your system immediately after installation. Customizations to your specific requirements can be quickly implemented by configuration in Handyman. The interface is very flexible, so that MS 365 Business Central industry solutions and special programming can also be connected to the Handyman mobile service management system.


Fast, simple implementation

  • All changes to Business Central required for the interface are included in the extension.
  • The extension is optionally available via the AppSource store from Microsoft or via side-loading
  • The interface is configured with just a few clicks in MS Business Central
  • Extent and depth of integration can be determined by the customer himself
  • Handyman provides complete documentation for users and developers
  • GSGroup has its own NAV/BC365 developer expertise and integrates your ERP partner if required
  • Short project duration
  • Proven in many large, medium and small projects

Business Central with Field Service Extension

  • Master data maintenance
  • Configuration
  • Create orders
  • Material picking
  • Checking the observations of the technicians
  • Invoicing of orders

Handyman Office & Resource Planning

  • Use is optional
  • More configuration options
  • Graphical deployment planning with drag & drop
  • GANTT diagram for technician scheduling
  • Map view with route planning and route optimization

Service Technician App Handyman Mobile

  • Mobile time recording
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Customized checklists
  • Recording of the material consumption
  • Offline capability with synchronization

Handyman makes your service processes mobile from MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Orders can be created as usual in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Busines Central. Instead of printing out the order slips for the technicians, the orders are transferred to Handyman via the extension and from there made available to the service technicians on their mobile devices. Scheduling can be done either in Business Central or Handyman Office. All data entered by the technician in Handyman Mobile is reported back to Business Central. There they can be used as usual for invoicing, payroll accounting and internal accounting. For users, the integration feels too seamless as if field workers were accessing the MS 365 BC system directly from their tablets or smartphones. The administration of the solution (e.g. management of service technicians, user rights, configuration of the integration) is done centrally in MS 365 BC. Handyman thus complements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with mobile data capture or complete service management software. Customers can easily define the integration depth themselves: The selection of data types to be imported and exported (e.g. resources, work types and service orders) is made in the extension. Subsequently, individual elements within a data type can be selected for export (e.g. individual work types).

Technical implementation

Supports work with service orders, as well as contract orders and projects. The extension allows standard implementations of MS 365 BC to be coupled to Handyman with a few configuration settings. However, the interface is also designed to integrate custom MS 365 BC implementations that use non-standard fields, tables or business logic with minimal effort.

The connection of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Handyman mobile service app enables a fast-running, end-to-end service process without media breaks.

The add-on is a further development of the proven interface for Handyman Mobile for NAV/Navison, which is still available for older versions of MS Dynamics NAV / Navision.


Cloud or on-premise

Regardless of whether you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud or have installed it locally on-premise: You can use the Handyman mobile service solution in any case. Our interface is suitable for both scenarios.

Handyman is also available as a cloud-based field service management system: GSGroup operates the infrastructure for you.

5 steps to testing in your BC 365 system

You can easily test Handyman – in direct interaction with your BC 365 system:

1. request your test with the button below

2. load the extension into your BC 365 system

Follow the GSGroup instructions to make the necessary settings in Business Central.

4. install Handyman mobile service app from a store

5. ready: your orders from BC 365 can be processed mobile in Handyman