Handyman Office

Standard software for efficient management of all work orders

Your Service Management Headquarters

Handyman Office application is intended for service managers, clerks and dispatchers. It enables efficient management of all work orders. Handyman Office is also used to configure the entire Handyman system. Handyman Office gives you an up-to-date picture of your service organization at any time. This allows you to quickly process open tasks, identify potential for improvement, intervene in a targeted manner and, if necessary, set the system differently according to your requirements.

All orders at a glance

With the help of Handyman Office, the user has an overview of current and planned work orders at all times. In addition, convenient search and filter functions are available, as are a wide variety of reports. The view of the orders to be managed can be filtered individually according to different criteria, such as status, order type, priority, start/end date, etc.

Handyman Office remembers these settings for each user, so that each user can choose the optimal setting for him and his tasks. Historical data is also available and thus, for example, an order history per customer can be retrieved at any time.

Orders perfectly prepared for the technician

Virtually all Handyman Mobile features are also available in Handyman Office. In this way, times can also be recorded, materials booked and checklists filled out in the office.

This means that all known information on customers, contacts, location, job description, necessary materials, etc. can already be recorded in the order in the office. You can attach photos, documents or drawings to the order and document your communication with the customer. Likewise, spare parts can be recorded that the technician must replace in any case.

All data recorded in Handyman Office is immediately available to the service technician in Handyman Mobile. This provides him with all the data he needs to successfully process the order with just one click.


Order postprocessing made easy

Once the job has been completed on the mobile device, the entries made by the customer service technician can be supplemented and corrected in the office. Handyman Office has several features to make post-processing jobs fast, efficient and thorough. The option to approve the entire order or individual time and material entries is particularly helpful. Orders can be put on hold – for example, when waiting for an invoice from a subcontractor. The clerk has an overview at all times of which orders and items still need to be checked and which are already ready for invoicing.

Handyman Office can automatically set prices for individual items based on the rules you specify.

Do you work with or without an ERP system?

Handyman Office has all the functionality to cover your entire service process – even if you don’t want to use or connect to an ERP or enterprise resource planning system:

  • Management of the customer base
  • Management of the installed base (objects / devices / machines on which you provide services)
  • Automatic generation of maintenance orders based on your maintenance plan
  • Service history of all orders per customer, location and device
  • Maintenance/import of article master data and prices
  • Preparation of offers
  • Creation of orders
  • Rules for automatic determination of the customer price
  • Invoice creation
  • Dashboard, reports and evaluations

Do you have some of these functions today in your ERP or enterprise resource planning system (such as Lexware, MS Navision, MS Business Central or SAP) and would like to use them together with Handyman? Then use the Handyman ERP interface that is right for your system.


Customization for your needs

Handyman Office lets you customize the system to your needs through an easy-to-understand interface. You create your own checklists and service forms, define the rights of individual user groups and manage dictionaries and mandatory entries for your technicians.

If required, Handyman can be supplemented and extended by various optional modules. Completely individual extensions that are completely tailored to your specific requirements are also possible.

Handyman is available on-premise or as a cloud offering.