Electrical installation

Mobile order management for electrical installation

Mobile order management for electrical installation

Electricians spend most of their workday away from their office. Very often, they are forced to return to the office to complete their administrative tasks there, such as documentation on the work orders they have processed.

With Handyman, your electricians can use the time they spend on administrative tasks more productively in the future by processing work orders. Experience from a variety of customer projects has shown that billing an additional 1-2 hours per week per service technician is possible.

Handyman improves the process of collecting and processing information at the service technician’s site and at your facility. This makes it quick and easy to create new orders and assign them to service technicians. Current information on work orders can be viewed at any time and the actual orders can be tracked.

our industry experience

Handyman was originally created by developing mobile solutions for electricians. This industry is still one of our largest customer groups today. In Norway, where the parent company of GSGroup Deutschland GmbH has its headquarters, every second electrician uses Handyman.

The typical customer in this area uses all of Handyman’s capabilities. This includes the recording of working times and required materials, the use of warehouse functions and spare parts orders, as well as the processing of work orders with the checklists.

Satisfied customers About Handyman

"Handyman is used to record all orders, and this makes it easier for us to decide which service technician is suitable for the job, what equipment is needed, etc. This provides the basis for both the execution of orders and simplified invoicing."

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