Handyman Ressourcen­planung


Clear and efficient technician deployment planning

Handyman Resource Planning enables dispatchers to plan operations quickly and efficiently. Various filters can be used to quickly find and schedule the most suitable service technician for an assignment. Just as quickly, a suitable job can be found for a gap in the calendar and the appointment scheduled. The graphical planning board allows intuitive operation and makes it easy to keep track of everything. Technician scheduling often varies greatly from company to company. That’s why Handyman Resource Planning can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements and ways of working – as always in Handyman without programming, simply via configuration.

Useful functions of the deployment planning software

  • Flexible listing of all open orders
  • Easy planning via drag-and-drop
  • Different views for calendar and GANTT
  • Customizable, color coding of the orders in the planning board
  • Easy selection of resources by department, qualification and availability
  • Display of holidays, absences and personal appointments
  • Overview of the current status of fitters, vehicles and orders
  • Continuous updating with service technicians‘ data from Handyman Mobile
  • Display customizable individually and per user group
  • Team planning
  • Display and customization of appointments in Handyman Mobile


Handyman Route Planning supplements the Resource Planner with functions for route planning and route optimization. Selected orders, service technicians and vehicles are clearly displayed in the map. The current status is visible at all times – the Handyman Mobile technician app transmits it continuously. Appointment scheduling can thus optimally take planned travel times and routes into account. The user can compile and optimize tours from different jobs. Route optimization takes travel time and distance into account. This makes it even easier and more efficient to manage the deployment and scheduling of service technicians.

How Mobile Workforce Management Software Optimizes Your Customer Service Processes

Order management – with or without ERP interface

If available, you can use the corresponding functions of your ERP and create new orders there. The orders are then imported into Handyman via an interface. With this approach, service management resides in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV/Navision, SAP or other ERP systems. But Handyman is also a comprehensive field service management software. Maintenance planning is used to automatically generate the recurring maintenance orders that are due. New orders for new installations, troubleshooting or repairs can be created easily – of course with reference to the specific system and with a link to the service history of the device concerned.

Technician deployment planning

Orders created in Handyman or via the ERP interface automatically appear in Handyman Resource Planning. With the clearly arranged planning board, the scheduling department always maintains an overview. This allows them to find resources with the right skills at any time and schedule them for open jobs. Changes of the planning are easily possible by drag&drop in the GANTT diagram.

Route planning and route optimization

 Open and also already planned orders can be easily displayed in a map. This makes it easy for the scheduling department to see how it can combine orders into favorable tours. Alternatively, Handyman can also perform automatic route optimization. At the push of a button, travel time decreases and service technician productivity increases!

Mobile data acquisition / service technician app

After the field service planning is completed, the planned orders are synchronized directly to the mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows) of the fitters. In the Handyman Mobile service technician app, the mobile customer service technician has access to all details and dates of the job. They use the mobile software to handle mobile time tracking, material posting, mobile photo documentation, and filling out checklists and reports. The digital service report is displayed on the smartphone/tablet/laptop – ready for electronic signature. Of course, changes to the status and deadlines of an order are transmitted directly to the customer service software/resource planning. In this way, the operations planning department always has an up-to-date and complete picture of the situation in the field service.

Order post-processing and invoicing

After synchronization of the technician app, the completed jobs are fully available in Handyman Office. If necessary, they can be reviewed, corrected and approved in the service management software. If invoicing is to take place in the ERP, then the orders are now exported to the ERP. ERP systems such as  Lexware Warenwirtschaft, orgaMAX, Selectline, Winline, Wisio mein Büro are often used in this way. Alternatively, billing is done in Handyman. The invoices are then transferred to the financial accounting system via an export interface to the accounting system, e.g. the interface to DATEV Unternehmen online.

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