Service Management with Handyman

The service module simplifies the sale of service contracts by providing an overview and documentation.

The all-in-one solution for service

Handyman Service Management enables the management of system information (installed base) and service/maintenance contracts. The automated creation of service orders based on a maintenance plan is also possible. The service management software works seamlessly with Handyman Mobile.

Key features of the Handyman service software / maintenance software

Location and equipment

Service objects and their location can be organised in any way you like. There are no limits to the structure in Handyman. You can attach checklists and documents to equipment, and the history of service visits and repairs follows the equipment, regardless of who owns it.

Service Forms

Service Forms are used to document the services provided to the customer. In addition, you can have separate items to document the work internally. Combined with contracts, you get a dynamic task list that shows what needs to be done for each visit.

Materials can be linked to the forms so that the correct materials and spare parts automatically appear on the service orders. This ensures correct invoicing and logistics. The service forms form the basis of the service report for the job.

Service report

The service report is created based on the service forms for the job and can be sent to the customer by both Handyman Office and Handyman Mobile.


The contract is used to automatically generate service orders at the right time and with the right content. In addition, you can either invoice the service in Handyman’s billing module, or Handyman sends an invoice order to the ERP system. Contracts can be viewed to ensure that invoice amounts are correct and in line with the agreement with the customer. Further agreed increases in contracts can be invoiced automatically using intelligent billing rules.