Business Central Interface Version


Version of the interface to Business Central released: Major update of the GUI and significantly improved usability

The new version of GSGroup’s Field Service Management Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides major improvements in usability. In addition, some functionality is added to improve order management with the field service management software Handyman.

Major update of the GUI to enhance usability

  • Simplified menu structure
    • Settings are moved up into top-level navigation instead of the old menu item „Periodic Activities“
    • All data imported from Handyman into BC is accessible via the group „Orders / Data from Handyman“. Separate menu items for imported store information and time registrations have been moved into this group.
  • Improved labels and translation
  • Complete redesign of Handyman Settings page
  • Tooltips on all settings to easy configuration of the system
  • Hide rarely used fields – Users may add them via personalization if needed.


Export Basic Data

  • Action „Export to Handyman“ is now available in all frequently used basic data list pages
  • Work Types: Adjusted logic for setting „sum on timesheet“ to prevent errors, Added option „other absence“
  • Export locations: New default setting is to ignore wholesalers as the extension does not use wholesaler information per item
  • Export Sales Persons; Export only entries that have not yet been exported
  • Export customers: Ensure changed records are exported upon the next export: Change of record resets „Exported to Handyman“ if the record’s setting „Export to Handyman“ is activated

Sales Orders

  • Map work description to Handyman OrderName
  • Use Handyman Order Priority
  • Import Flag for internal order,
  • Import Planned start/finish date
  • Create Sales Orders: Set Handyman Status to Exported

Service Orders

  • Default value for priority = Normal
  • Import Planned start/finish date
  • Import Handyman Order Priority

Simplify automation and bulk processing of orders

  • For new installations, default value is to show the action „import and process orders“ to allow easy processing of incoming orders.
  • Export all filtered sales orders from the sales order list

Minor fixes

  • Fixed wrong import of decimal values for Import Store movements and import Purchase orders /receipts


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