Did you know that Handyman can be integrated with most ERP systems?


By integrating mobile order management with your company’s existing ERP system, you save valuable time.

It should be easy to integrate Handyman with your existing ERP system. We’ve been working on this from the very beginning,“ says Product Manager Magne Roald.

Handyman is an open system that allows easy data exchange with other systems. Almost all data and settings in Handyman can be automatically imported and exported via the standardized Handyman interface.

The vast majority of our customers already use an ERP system, and it is therefore important that Handyman can be easily integrated with these systems. „It should be easy to provide value to the customer right from the start,“ Roald says.

Handyman integration provides two-way information for a daily overview of project time and material usage, as well as customers, price lists, and other relevant job information.

Handyman can be integrated with these systems, among others:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Hult & Lillevik

Visma Business



Visma Global



Visma Contracting



Contracting Works (I løpet av 2021)

PowerOffice GO

Visma .Net (I løpet av 2021)


Unit 4 / Agresso



In such an integration, the orders are created in the leading system (e.g. ERP system) as usual. Instead of printing out jobs for technicians, they are handed off to Handyman and routed to the technician’s mobile device. Recorded data that the technician has created on his mobile device, such as time recording or material accounts, are automatically transferred to the leading system. From there, it goes on to billing or payroll. Orders can also be created on the mobile device if internal procedures allow.

Custom integrations

We create custom integrations to specialized systems and solutions to which data is to be delivered. Our APIs can be used by others to retrieve and provide data in Handyman. Handyman can be integrated with other systems as needed. Contact us at +49 231 222 456 9-0 for a non-binding discussion.

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