Do you have an overview of your projects and orders?


A good job management solution makes it easier for employees on the go to record hours to jobs and provides a good overview of billable and non-billable hours in projects.

Handyman was developed over 20 years ago as a mobile solution for Norwegian electricians and since 2018 has been offered equally for MS Windows 10, Android and Apple iOS platforms.

The focus has long since moved beyond the traditional craft service and now offers the entire industrial sector efficient assistance in field service management. Every day, thousands of industrial mechanics and IT service and facility management technicians use Handyman on their mobile devices. Both are mobile order processing solutions with a modular design structure. In this way, each solution can be customized and grow with the respective company.


The solution is aimed at both office and field users. Handyman Office is the tool used in the office for administration and scheduling. Employees who are on the road or at a customer site use Handyman Mobile. The goal is to easily plan and manage the workday to save time and get the job done faster. Seamless communication also contributes to efficiency and improved communication in the workplace. Handyman can be easily used as a modern tool. You can create, schedule and settle orders wherever you are.

The recording of hours, material consumption, capacities, maintenance and repair orders, as well as documentation of completed projects works easily and quickly. Individually configured checklists and workflows help eliminate routine errors and ensure proper job completion. With Handyman you can fully focus on the execution of your orders and do not waste time on administrative tasks. With our modern field service solution, all information is captured in real time and sent without delay to your ERP system transmitted for billing. This not only creates more time to focus on the core business, but also increases efficiency and profitability.

We have a wide range of modules, for example, the notification module. This way, you can inform your customer about the progress of orders via SMS or e-mail, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Likewise, a graphical Resource Planning available for scheduling. Handyman can be combined with our tracking application in the area of fleet management. It helps to find the technician closest to the current job location or for easy GPS-based tracking of travel time on the mobile device. 

Our software solution is ready to proactively relieve the burden on your operations. The solution is configured to meet their business needs – today and in the future.

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