Order management made easy with mobile software



Some companies are already on the path to digitization, while others still have a long way to go. Many people know what the goal is, but are afraid to put up with the journey. It was too expensive, even unaffordable, and thus far from realization. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

For almost three decades, GSGroup has been working on the development and manufacturing of various digital mobile solutions. Companies should be relieved within the everyday processes, so that the main focus is on the customer.

Conscientious management is the be-all and end-all when it comes to collecting processes internally. However, the most important thing for a company is its customers and the relationships with them, which must be nurtured, says GSGroup CEO Espen Ranvik. When management processes become too time-consuming, it directly affects the quality of work in dealing with customers and, in the worst case, can destroy the company’s reputation.

Improve workflows

The fact that the flow of information, incoming and outgoing invoices and other relevant points of day-to-day business are handled smoothly and punctually is an important factor for the company’s external image. The customer perceives any irregularity in the work flow and may classify it as unprofessional. At the same time, the customer expects a craftsman to arrive on time, do the job well, and receive the invoice shortly after the job is completed. A mobile order management solution offers all this and more. It is the universal tool with which companies must equip their technicians.

How order management software can help

The Standard software solution facilitates the creation of quotes, new orders, schedules, time tracking, contract and maintenance management easily via phone, tablet or notebook. This not only creates more time for concentration on the core business, but also increases efficiency and profitability.
You can create new orders, schedule and settle them wherever you are. Our task at this point is to make your everyday work easier.

The recording of hours, material consumption, capacities, maintenance and repair orders, as well as documentation of completed projects works easily and quickly.
Individually configured checklists and workflows help you eliminate routine errors and ensure proper job completion.

With Handyman you can fully focus on the execution of your orders and do not waste time on administrative tasks. With our modern field service solution, all information is captured in real time and sent without delay to your ERP system transmitted for billing. Likewise, a graphical Resource Planning available for scheduling. Handyman can be combined with our fleet management location application to quickly find the technician closest to the current job location or for easy GPS-based tracking of drive time on the mobile device.

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