The future lies in self-service in the service industry


More and more service companies are offering their customers the option of self-service via a customer portal. This saves time, increases efficiency and improves customer service.

Here are five good reasons to consider a customer portal:

Increased customer satisfaction

A customer portal allows customers to access their service history, book appointments for service visits, and receive technical support and guidance, which can enhance their experience with the company.

Effective communication

A customer portal allows the company to communicate directly with customers and give them real-time updates on their service visits, which can reduce the need for phone calls and emails.

Optimization of the service process

A customer portal can help the company streamline the service process by automating certain tasks, such as scheduling and service feedback.

Improved data collection

A customer portal allows the company to collect data about customers‘ service history and needs, which can be used to improve the service experience and tailor services to customers‘ needs.

Differentiation from competitors

A customer portal can help the company differentiate itself from competitors by providing a more convenient and efficient service experience for customers. This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

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